Abilities Enabled has created a range of services designed to meet each child’s individual disability support

Who is Children’s Guardian?

The Office of the Children’s Guardian is a separate statutory agency within the Stronger Communities Cluster. The Children’s Guardian’s principal functions are defined in the Children’s Guardian Act 2019.

Children’s Guardian’s Strategic Priorities

  • Regulate, monitor and foster capability in quality child safe practices
  • Strong outcomes-oriented stakeholder relationships
  • An integrated child-safe authority supported by contemporary systems
  • A great place to work and make a difference

Disability Advocacy/

Advocacy Law Alliance Inc.

Disability Advocacy believes that people with a disability have the same rights (and responsibilities) as people who do not have a disability. DA’s core purpose is to ensure that people with a disability realize these rights in practice by advocating with and for them. Advocacy Law Alliance (ALA) advocates to achieve fairness and equality for disadvantaged groups in the community. ALA governs and supports three programs: Disability Advocacy NSW (DANSW), Mid North Coast Community Centre (MNCLC) and Disability Law NSW (DLNSW).  DANSW provides non-legal advocacy services to people with a disability, the MNCLC provides legal advocacy to disadvantaged groups and DLNSW provides legal assistance to clients of Disability Advocacy NSW.

We believe the strength of our organization lies in combining the expertise of different professions (lawyers, social workers, disability workers) to achieve the best outcomes for disadvantaged clients. As well as providing direct advocacy assistance to clients our organization is involved in community education, systemic change, law reform and research to ensure that disadvantaged people get a fair go. 

Abilities Enabled’s Children’s Guardian team provides a safe and caring trained staff who deliver these services in an environment to support the individual disability needs of each child and young person. Contact us to enquire for more details.